C.V.    Dr. Hans Le Fever

May 2015



Full Name:                              Hans Theo Le Fever

Date of Birth:                          27-Aug-1948, Dutch Nationality

Marital Status:             Married, 3 children

Employment status:    Program Director MSc ICT in Business, LIACS, Leiden University

Managing Director of eNovITe, Founding Partner of SummitPartners


Education:                  1973    Completed study Experimental Physics, Leiden University

                                    1980    Obtained Ph.D. at Leiden University, The Netherlands




After his academic work on a PhD, Hans Le Fever worked from 1980 until 2003 for the Royal Dutch Shell Group where he broadened his technical education with a range of business and organizational skills.


As IT planning manager in London he initiated plans for development and effective use of international data communications networks. In Nigeria and Brunei he held CIO positions with responsibility for all aspects of IT, from planning to operational services. During these years in the Operating Units he gained a solid understanding of (systematic) performance improvement, competence development and cultural aspects in environments of substantial change.


Mid 1998 he returned to London to develop the consultancy practices on Electronic Commerce and Management of IT. He consulted for external organizations as well as facilitating in Shell’s innovation process (GameChanger).  Here he worked side-by-side with world-class, external management consultancy companies.


End 2002 he left Shell Finance Services to pursue his broad consulting interests. He started his own, innovation oriented company and co-founded two companies for IT related interim management.


The common thread through all these years has been involvement with technology & strategy innovation: creating value by transforming existing business practices through introduction of new (mostly information) technology. His recent work concentrates on value creation and benefits realization, in particular for industrial organizations.


He has shared this experience in numerous conferences and workshops as well as lecturing at MSc level with Leiden University. In 2003 he was invited as lecturer on the topic of IT management, but over the years this extended to lecturing on Strategy, Business Process Innovation, IT Planning & Management. Gradually he got involved with supervision of master thesis research, culminating in more than 30 students. In august 2012 he became program director of the ICT in Business MSc stream.


In the domain of innovation, he has run numerous valorisation workshops for academic researchers to help them to bring their results to the market. The Venture Challenge has run for over 15 times.


Outside his professional domain, he was secretary of SOL Netherlands (Society of Organizational Learning), practicing the five disciplines of Peter Senge. He is a member of PDMA Nederland.


Work History:


2009-2015       Academic (MSc ICT in Business at Leiden University)


Lecturer, Program Director MSc ICT in Business (2012-2014), member of the examination board.


Lecturing at MSc level:

·         Strategy: Process, Content, Context

·         Managing the Digital Firm

·         ICT enabled process innovation


Thesis supervision (30+) on Benefits and Change Management, Innovation Management, Business-IT alignment, IT Governance



·          Living Lab: Innovation through Pastiche,  Harry FULGENCIO, Dr. Hans LE FEVER, Prof. Bernhard KATZY, eChallenges e-2012 Conference Proceedings Paul Cunningham and Miriam Cunningham (Eds) IIMC International Information Management Corporation, 2012 ISBN: 978-1-905824-35-9


2008-2015       Innovation (new ventures)  related (www.eNovITe.com)

·      design and execution of the Venture Challenge, the unique valorisation workshop for  academic researchers considering to bring their results to the market

in the Life Sciences,  http://www.venturechallenge.nl/

·         Health~Holland  / Life Science & Health  2014, 2015

·         NGI (Netherlands Genomics Initiative)  13 times during 2008-2013

·         NBIC, Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre (2008)

in the Bio-Based economy

·         Awareness sessions & Action Lab for BE-Basic PhD students (2013-2015)


2008                IT related (www.summitpartners.nl): 

·      Review of SAP implementation program in major industrial conglomerate.

·      Coaching of CTO of a major engineering company.



2007                            IT related (www.summitpartners.nl): 

·      Co-founder (march 2007) SummITpartners a consultancy organization to assist companies with IT renovation programmes. Setting-up the new company and developing associates and customer network.

·      Information analysis and design for the Amsterdam Court of Justice (penal court)

·      Review of outsourcing project of a major engineering company


2006                IT related reviews:

·         Quarterly, independent reviews of the ERP journey (selection, planning, realization) of an independent judiciary government institute. Impact analysis of organizational changes.

·         Strategy advice for a large mail-order, retail organization.

·         Strategy advice on a large insurance / mortgage provider chain


Innovation: Opportunities of Wearable Computers in Field Operations

·         Study on the opportunities for handheld computers in (oil&gas) field work

·         Advice on selection of a Permit-to-Work system (for Shell)


2005                Preparatory work on a number of European (IT) consolidation and ERP projects.  Several companies in various stages of their rationalization efforts, all including a mixture of IT and non-IT challenges. Other projects:

·         Second Opinion on SAP selection for department of ministry of Justice

·         Grip on IT: Developed and delivered a one-day seminar, as executive education for non-executive directors and CFO/CEO level managers.

·         E-mail retention strategy for multinational publisher


2003-2004       Co-founder (march 2004) BastaGroup (www.bastagroup.nl):  a Second Opinion on IT investments. Consultancy on the management issues of IT such as IT (opportunity) planning, risk management, governance, benefits realization of enterprise systems

                        Target customers: Netherlands-based multinational companies

                        Completed assignments

·         IT Strategy advise for a wholesaler in the food sector

·         IT Outsourcing evaluation for a multinational office products distributor

·         Development strategy for internet based holiday accommodation rental co.

·         IT Strategy advice for a large fashion chain


Started eNovITe (www.enovite.com) on 1-jan-2003, focused on facilitating and building in-company capabilities for innovation with IT and internet.

                        Target markets:

·         Educational: MBA, Management Training Institutes

·         Industrial: strategy & implementation planning, business case development, business development, general awareness creation

Focus has been on developing a network of alliances in The Netherlands and map out best market opportunities for advisory services. Main results

·         Lecturing MBA classes at TSM - MBA (Twente)

·         IT Strategy Planning course using the Teletop eLearning environment for Shell

·         Feasibility study for NAM on mobile, wireless technology in operations

·         IT Strategy study for Shell Renewables – Wind.

·         Partnership with Inmedius, Pittsburg on advanced concepts around IT support for frontline workers.


2000 – 2002    e-Business Strategist, Shell Finance Services, London, UK

In this period my main focus has been on identification of strategic opportunities to transform business activities through the use of internet technologies. This was achieved through leading multiple strategic planning workshops, internally as well as with external audiences, mainly in the UK, the US and Asia Pacific.  Main deliverables:

·   Identification of transformation opportunities in finance processes

·   Stage I seed funding proposal for a venture in the area of operations transformation.


1998 - 2000     e-Business Strategist, Shell Services, London, UK

                        Leading an internal consultancy in the area of e-Business  Strategy, complementing internal resources with world-class externals. Strength has been building an effective working relationships with groups such as Strategos (Silicon Valley), Digital 4Sight (Toronto) and Mercer Consulting (US). I became a Strategos certified facilitator and proficient in the other methodologies. Main challenges:

·   Developing new consultancy offerings, skills and competence for e-Business

·      Global co-ordination (Houston, Singapore, KL, Melbourne, The Hague, London)


1994 - 1998     Information Manager / Planner, Brunei Shell Petroleum, Seria, Brunei

                        Responsible for all Information Planning and Technology Planning activities (70 staff).

Main challenges:

·   Introduction of portfolio approach and cross-functional, process orientation in planning.

·   Introduction of systematic appraisal of key IT management aspects

·   Development of technical and non-technical skills in a rapidly localizing organization

·   Substantial Change Management and organizational issues, such as establishing team working, customer orientation and globalization.


1990 - 1994     Head Information & Computing Service, Shell Nigeria Western Division, Warri, Nigeria

                        Responsible for transition to the merged computing and telecomms department. The main challenge was to foster good working relationship between the two different technical disciplines. In total 110 staff.


1987 - 1990     Senior Consultant Office Systems, Shell International, The Hague

Responsible for advice on worldwide application of e-mail; consultancy on cost justification, added value and implementation issues. Steering Groupwide Directory Harmonization.

                        Responsible for advice on opportunities and new applications of international networks.


1985 - 1987     Technology Planner, Shell Expro, London

            Responsible for technical evaluations of hardware, software, leading to recommendations

            for purchase. Development planning for (international) computer networks.


1980 - 1985     Research Scientist, Royal Dutch Shell Group, Rijswijk / The Hague

                        Evaluation / Benchmarking of seismic processing hardware & attached processors

                        Software development of interactive graphics applications for seismic interpreters