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Building Capabilities for Innovation and Growth


eNovITe is the entry point to a network of experience and expertise in the area of technology enabled innovation or change. The network consists of professionals and specialists that work with organisations to build their capabilities to master the wave of technological and business change.  


Technological change is driven by an IT industry that produces new products and solutions every day. But all these go through the same phases: introduction, vociferous marketing, inflated expectation, disillusionment and gradual realisation of its true merits. Such a hype_curve poses the challenge of when to board. 

But even when it is the right time to start introducing innovative solutions in your business, technology is not the panacea - people and processes are equally important aspects.


That matters even more if your organisation seeks growth through innovation.

Therefore we pay equal attention to these other, organisational capabilities. We seek to motivate people through establishing true leadership, which can manage transformation through the right mix of planned and emerging change.


And last but not least, we focus on processes which require appropriate organisational structure and governance.


This site provides information about the experience and the kind of services that are available through the network of associates.  We look forward to working with you. Just get in touch !

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